LIVE With The House Mom – Milton Ward 4 Town Councillor Candidate Sameera Ali

Michelle Hawco
Published on October 13, 2018

LIVE With The House Mom – Milton Ward 4 Town Councillor Candidate Sameera Ali

It is municipal election time in Milton and I had the privilege of talking to Milton Ward 4 Town Councillor Candidate Sameera Ali!

With the Municipal Election just around the corner, the residents of Milton are having the opportunity to meet candidates in a variety of ways. If you would like more information about who is running for Ward councillor and Regional Councillor in your area, you can visit the Candidates Page on the Town of Milton’s website. The page also breaks down new Ward system (yes, it’s changed since the last election ).

Sameera lives with her family in Ward 4 and is in tune with the concerns of families who live here. Check out Sameera’s platform on her website.

During our interview, Sameera spoke candidly about the concerns of constituents in Ward 4 and named traffic, speeding, infrastructure and lack of parks as the top items brought up while she has been canvassing in the community.

Sameera proposes the following possible solutions to help ease traffic: synchronizing traffic lights, continue the widening of Britannia Road, coordinating construction to be timed so that it does not cause further delays during heavy traffic times, adding right-hand turn lanes and better communication with residents about upcoming construction projects.  She went on to discuss speed calming measures to create safer streets for our children, including additional stop signs, speed bumps, pedestrian crossings and working with the Halton Police to provide education to residents living on and speeding through our streets. n

From a real estate perspective, traffic absolutely impacts where in town people are willing to buy homes. With many residents commuting into Mississauga and Toronto from the west end of Milton, an improvement of traffic flow in and out of Ward 4 would be a huge advantage for the existing residents and would encourage people to purchase homes in our beautiful Ward 4 neighbourhoods!

I asked Sameera what she believes it takes to be a good Councillor. She highlighted the fact that being a Councillor, is in fact, not a technical job. Beyond understanding the processes, reports and technical language involved, the most critical part of being a Town Councillor is the ability and willingness to communicate with constituents. Sameera sights strong interpersonal skills, approachability, being a team player, conflict management, critical thinking, strong communication and being emotionally mature as the top skills needed to be a great Councillor!

Sameera started a group a couple of years ago called “Support Local Business – Milton” where she helps business people in Milton network with one another and grow their businesses. She is concerned about the lack of small office space available in Milton and would like to advocate for a solution.

Polls are already open at Hugh Foster Hall! Here is a link to the Town’s Election Website.

I had a chance to  interview Milton Ward 4 Regional Councillor Candidate Zeeshan Hamid at the end of September. Check out that interview here!

See you at the polls!

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