Haunted Houses and Milton’s Most Haunted Place LIVE With Kim Hadfield

Michelle Hawco
Published on October 15, 2018

Haunted Houses and Milton’s Most Haunted Place LIVE With Kim Hadfield

Halloween is almost here! The days are shorter, the nights are longer, Milton neighbourhoods are getting spookier and we begin to break out the ghost stories! So, in the spirit of Halloween, I recently had an opportunity to interview, Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Hunter, Occult Paraphernalia Expert and Medium Kim Hadfield!

LIVE With Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Hunter, Occult Paraphernalia Expert and Medium Kim Hadfield

If you’ve ever heard anybody talk about their experience staying in or living in a “haunted house”, you will know that when unexplainable things happen, it can really stick with a person. Just hearing a story about an apparent haunting can cause us to have goosebumps and send a chill down your spine.

Why are we so interested to hear about these experiences? There is something about the idea of haunted houses that excites us and draws us in. Perhaps it’s the idea that there might be more to the universe then meets the eye!

Are you living in a home that gives you the heebeegeebees? Have you ever visited a place that you were sure was haunted? Are you struggling to make sense of what you’ve experienced? You’re reading the right post!

Are you living in a home that gives you the heebeegeebees? Have you ever visited a place that you were sure was haunted? Are you struggling to make sense of what you’ve experienced? You’re reading the right post!

Paranormal Investigator and Medium Kim Hadfield joined me for a  Facebook LIVE broadcast to talk about her experience with haunted houses and talked to us about how she started ghost hunting. She also offered a few tips to help people deal with haunted houses and negative energy that might be lingering in their home.

The struggle is REAL! The demand for paranormal investigation services in the Milton area is substantial. Kim has had the chance to check out well over a hundred “haunted houses” as well as schools, museums, town facilities and private businesses in the Milton, Halton and surrounding areas. She reassured us by saying that the hauntings are rarely as bad as the people occupying the spaces say they are! People sometimes think that there’s a demon in their house, but it usually ends up being a deceased family member trying to send them a message! Kim says that she never tries to scare people and that most of the time, once she is able to get to the bottom of the “haunting” the experience usually end up being very healing for the parties involved and provides them with closure.   

Hauntings can happen in both new and older homes. Kim explained that the majority of “haunted houses” are usually just turn out to be human residual energy and can be easily removed from the house through cleansing or smudging practices. Once old energy has been removed, people can go about living in the house, filling it with their own positive energy and will usually never have a problem again.

Kim says that it isn’t a coincidence that we turn to the spooky and haunted in the month of October. Many of us have heard the term “the veil is thinning” and as far as Kim is concerned, the spirit world is more accessible during this time and regular people who are not normally sensitive to energy are more in tune with it! She receives a ton of calls and emails about haunted houses during the month of October. 

But are all of the houses that people believe to be haunted, actually haunted? Kim says that in fact they are not! She said that probably only ten percent of the houses that she visits actually have energy in them. Most of the time it is usually homeowners own family members trying to connect with them. Other times it is negative energy left over from a person who previously lived on the property or land. She gave the example of people living with abuse or addiction. Even once the people living in the situation have moved out, often their energy is left behind. That negative energy should be cleared as soon as possible through a cleansing or smudging process.

Smudging Tools Available at Nature’s Spirit Located at 218 Main Street East – Milton

Kim said that the best strategy is to “smudge” the property using white sage. She said that some people make a big ceremony out of smudging,  but when Kim cleanses a property she is able to keep it fairly simple, as she is able to easily connect with any spirits or energy that might be present. She went on to explain that you are not able to destroy energy, but you are able to change it. The process of smudging makes the energy like new and then you are able to take over the energy with your own energy.  Smudging is a native tradition that has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, energy, items and even the body. 

Of the properties that Kim has found to be “haunted” over the years, she says that several of the cases have actually been haunted items that have been brought into the home. She explained that people go to antique markets and purchase items, but don’t realize that there is still energy from the previous owner of the item attached to the object.

Kim shared a story about a family living in a house in Milton who experienced a ton of negative unsettling energy in their home. Kim used her skills to connect with the energy in the home and discovered that there was a silver tray that had been brought into the house. She asked the family about the silver tray and it turns out, one of the homeowners did have an antique silver tray from the 1800’s. Apparently, she never really liked the tray and as it turns out, the energy that came with the tray was causing a whole bunch of trouble for her and her family.

Over the years, Kim has amassed a large collection of haunted items (including the silver tray), which she has saged and decided to keep in her Campbellville home – It turns out, that once people find out that they are in possession of a haunted object, they are most often inclined to get rid of it ASAP! Lol!

When you are experiencing weird energy in your space, Kim cautioned my viewers that is is very important not to feed into the energy or energies. Further, once you have cleansed or smudged the space, don’t talk about the energy or show it fear, or it will come back! She compared it to a stray cat!  

I asked Kim if she believed it was a good practice to smudge a new home before you move into it, whether or not you’ve experienced any unusual energy in the space. She said YES! Smudging is a great way of clearing energies that are not supposed to be there. She went on to say, even the workers that built your house are leaving their energy behind. We leave footprints in the sand – we leave our energy behind everywhere we go. Cleansing our homes and ourselves on a regular basis is a great practice. You can purchase white sage for cleansing at places like Natures Spirit (located on Main Street in Downtown Milton). If you would like professional help to get the job done, Kim offers these services at a very affordable rate. You can reach her through Facebook on her page Halton Paranormal or through her website

Finally, I asked Kim about the most haunted spot she’s been to (that she’s allowed to talk about) in the Milton area. She said that hands down, the most haunted building she’s been to in Milton is Milton Town Hall. According to this Inside Halton article, parts of the building now known as Milton Town Hall were built in 1855 and were used as the old County Court House, jail, prison yard and were the site of several public hangings. Kim recounts her time in the basement that was previously used as the jail and the creepy sounds that they were able to capture. Want to learn more? Check out the videos on Halton Paranormals youtube channel!

Check out the full LIVE video embedded in this blog to learn about how Kim became a paranormal investigator, her experiences with Snipes30 Ghosts – a documentary about her journey and how Kim uses her unique gifts to heal people. Have a feeling your house is haunted? Reach out to Kim to have it investigated, this is a service that she and her team offer free of charge!

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